Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sexy Australian Thriller Crush Comes to North American Shores July 13th

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Phase 4 Films will distribute the sexual revenge thriller Crush on DVD July 13th to North American audiences and this first clip shows Emma Lung as Anna seducing Julian (Christopher Egan), an already attached housesitter. Shot in Australia, Crush also includes a supernatural element, which is likely witchcraft, in an independently shot feature from Nexus 6 Films. Comparable to Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction and others Crush will be available shortly and can be enjoyed in this early feature length trailer below.

The synopsis for the film here:

"Julian, an exchange student and disgraced martial arts champion, is seduced by a mysterious and beautiful woman, Anna, while house-sitting a lavish mansion. Anna's infatuation and obsessive behavior soon turns Julian's life into a living hell here not even his martial arts skills can save him" (Phase 4).

Release Date: July 13th.

Director: Jeffrey Gerritsen, and John Soto.

Producer: Deidre Kitcher.

Cast: Christopher Egan, Emma Lung, and Jenna Lind.

The official trailer for Crush:

*Official selection: Shanghai Film Festival

Available now:

The film's homepage:

Crush's Homepage

And fan site:

Crush on Facebook

More details on the film at Phase 4 Films:

Crush at Phase 4 Films

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