Friday, June 04, 2010

Film Friday Shows another Clip from Soul Fire Rising Entitled I Give You My Soul

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So, Film Friday continues with another episode from Soul Fire Rising called "I Give You My Soul," which is so thick with religious themes that one might wonder: is the source Christian influenced? After some investigation this webseries is not Christian sourced, but simply from the twisted writing mind of Kurt Patino (Cup O' Joe). Also, the soul is heavily referenced in the series, and here is that lesson you were hoping to avoid, the soul is an ancient reference to the heart as the seat of human consciousness from Greek philosophy. However, science has refuted this belief and shown that the mind is, of course, the seat of man's consciousness, behaviours and the instigator for emotions. Have a watch as character Lilith demands the soul of others which could be given a way freely as this concept is not based in reality!

The synopsis for the webseries here:

"Soul Fire Rising takes us on a journey between heaven and hell, where Demons and Wingers fight for human souls in the ultimate battle for supremacy.

Lilith, a demon rebel with her own agenda, takes advantage of the vices Earth has to offer, while also taking many souls. The Winger, Gabriel, turns Lilith’s world upside-down when he summons her and makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Lilith has only to fulfill one task: find the Winger, Eve, and bring her back to Gabriel. The value of Eve’s soul is worth over a million human souls — and Eve is even more vulnerable now that she’s decided to become mortal.

If Eve’s soul is captured, all Hell could break loose.

On who’s side will Lilith stand" (Soul)?

Release Date: Now.

Director: Dale Fabrigar.

Writer: Kurt Patino.

Co-Stars: Daz Crawford, Mitchell Fink, Marlene Forte, Jordan Rider, Melissa Paulo, Jackie Geary, Jamison Haase, Nikita Ramsey, Jade Ramsey, Ashton Blanchard, Aimee Lynn Chadwick, Ryan Freeman and Mark Overholt.

The first episode for the series entitled "I Give You My Soul" (a commercial free showing is available at the webseries' homepage below):

The series can be watched advertisement free here:

Soul Fire Rising Homepage

Soul Fire Rising on Facebook:

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