Monday, June 21, 2010

Fearnet Launches a Horror Cable Channel October 1st, 2010 is announcing the launch of a new horror themed cable channel, which debuts October 1st. This channel will be broadcast in high-definition and bring the best titles in the genre...[to the] channel (Robina, FEARnet). FEARnet has already established itself as a force in Video-on-demand world with over 12 million views a month on the FEARnet website and a transition to cable is sure to be welcomed by a growing number of horror fans. More press details on the FEARnet cable release are below.

A snippet from the press release:

"FEARnet's unequalled content offering, combined with the genre's broad devoted fan base, has made it the number one destination for horror and suspense," said Diane Robina, president of FEARnet. "Now we're taking the next step, bringing the best titles in the genre in HD and making them available on an ad-supported linear channel" (FEARnet)

Launch Date: October 1st (Cable).

*"FEARnet is a cutting-edge, multi-platform movie network available on demand, online and on mobile 24/7. As the world's premier destination for horror, thriller and suspense" (Robina, Fearnet).

Visit the FEARnet website for further updates:

FEARnet Homepage

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