Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Blood River Flows in the UK on DVD July 19th

Adam Mason's psychologically tortuous Blood River is being released by Revolver Entertainment in the United Kingdom July 19th. Seminal Films will be releasing the film in North America, with a release date unannounced. The DVD art for this horror feature can be seen here (United Kingdom) and Mason's story tells a tale of a relationship between a newlywed couple and a very dangerous drifter. The tension mounts as this couple becomes stranded in a "deserted ghost town" (Revolver). More details on a North American release date are sure to follow shortly.

The synopsis for Blood River here:

"From the director of Broken and The Devil's Chair comes a new vision of terror as a newlywed couple’s relationship is pushed to the limit during a chance encounter with a mysterious drifter in a deserted ghost town.

After a near-fatal car crash in the middle of the desert, Clark and his pregnant wife Summer walk to the nearest town, Blood River, in search of help. There they encounter Joseph (Andrew Howard), who offers his assistance, but tensions begin to mount as the couple’s relationship becomes strained leaving them vulnerable to Joseph’s sinister agenda..."(Revolver).

Release Date: July 19th (United Kingdom DVD).

Director: Adam Mason

Writer: Simon Boyes, and Adam Mason.

Cast: Andrew Howard, Tess Panzer, Ian Duncan, and Sarah Essex.

A second, international trailer for Blood River released June 19, 2010 is here:

Blood River at Revolver Group:

Blood River at the UK Distribution Co'

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