Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This The Outback Clip Shows what 4X4ing and Murder is All About

Prey or as the North Americans call the film The Outback: Australian for Fear will have a showing in Las Vegas, Nevada June 23rd at the Palms and the film also has a new trailer. In this latest clip Poker phenom' Joe Hachem can be seen doing what he does best, playing onine poker. As well, Natalie Bassingthwaighte as Kate goes on the run from an unknown assailant as the desert dunes come alive with a true tale involving the disappearance of two Americans from 1987. Have a look at the clip that is often funny, sometimes dramatic and very horrific all the way through.

The synopsis for Prey aka The Outback: Australian for Fear:

"In April 1987, two Americans disappeared in the Australian outback while on a camping holiday--never to be seen alive again. Their abandoned vehicles and unused supplies were found in sand dunes near an Aboriginal sacred site. Twenty years later, three couples set out to the same desert dunes for a weekend of fun and unluckily become stranded in the same area as the two campers twenty years earlier. As they encounter the horrors of the haunted Australian outback, one by one they're possessed by a supernatural force unleashed upon them by a sadistic shaman and begin to turn on each other. As the dwindling survivors fight to stay alive against their undead friends, they come to realize that their demonic possession was foretold to them in their childhood dreams" (Youtube).

Release Date: June 23rd (North American Premiere).

Director: Oscar D'Roccster.

Writers: John V. Soto, and Robert Lewis Galinsky.

Cast: Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Jesse Jhnson, Natalie Walker, Ben Kermode, Christian Clark, and Kristin Sargent.

The newest trailer here:

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