Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grey Skies Signal a Storm in this First Trailer

Grey Skies is a science fiction horror film from director Kai Blackwood (Cupcake) and writer Mark Reilly, who is a veteran of the sci-fi/horror genres with participation in The Matrix and The Strangers; the film will show at an exclusive showing in Hollywood June 29th. Fans of the macabre will appreciate the blending of these two genres as an early trailer for the film builds suspense by sharing the screams of the stalked, the tortured, and the antagonized.

The full trailer for Grey Skies here:

"The film follows a group of old college friends who reunite to relive their glory days by renting a beautiful cabin in the woods. As the bonding begins, a surprise arrival of mysterious antagonistic alien creatures (brilliantly created by Burman) forces the group to ban together and outwit them in order to survive. In addition to Reilly’s exceptional script, the character relationships lend a groundbreaking element that has never been seen before in a horror film. GREY SKIES is the first film in its genre to feature a prominent gay couple integrated in the film’s plotline" (Grey).

Release Date: June 29th (Limited Engagement - not official premiere).

Director: Kai Blackwood.

Writer: Mark Reilly.

FX Designer: Barney Burman.

Cast: Michael Cornacchia, Aaron MacPherson, Kasia Kowalczyk, Anne Griffin, Shelley Dennis, Jeff Lorch, Marie Del Marco, Stacy Jorgensen, and Scott Mulin.

Have a look at the interactive website for Grey Skies here and view the trailer as well:

Grey Skies Homepage (Trailer)

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