Monday, May 24, 2010

Maverick to Distribute Nightmares with Spike Beginning July 2nd

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Maverick Entertainment Group will be releasing the horror flick Spike direct to DVD with pre-orders available July 2nd. You can pick up your DVDs August 3rd and in case you have not heard, Spike is the winner of Best Fantasy film at Shriekfest. As well, Spike has won honours at the Edinburgh International Film Festival for "Best of Fest" (Maverick). In short, four travellers bump into a creature in the night after a car accident and this is a beast from your nightmares! Have a look at the trailer for the film inside.

The synopsis for Spike here:

"After skidding off the road in the dead of night, four friends find themselves lost in the forest and tangled in a twisted love story. As they are each picked off one by one by a bizarre beast it becomes clear that none of them will make it out of this forest alive; unless the one the monster so desires is left behind. Will they stick together and find their way out of the grips of this love sick monster or will they turn on each other and perish in this dark fairytale" (Maverick).

Director: Robert Beaucage

Cast: Edward Gusts, Sarah Livingston Evans, Anna-Marie Wayne, Nancy P. Corbo, and Jared Edwards.

A high quality trailer for Spike can be found here:

The Spike Homepage

Interview with the director Robert Beaucage at

Robert Beaucage at

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