Monday, April 26, 2010

Psychosis is the Least of Your Worries

Psychosis does not treat tree-huggers too kindly as several environmentalists are murdered by a serial killer in 1992. Fifteen years later a novelist must confront this massacre and the killer's identity, or become just another victim. This film is from writer and director Reg Traviss (Joy Division). A release date has not been announced, but expect Lionsgate to pick this one up for a 2010 release. The synopsis, cast, crew, and homepage are each below.

Part of two synopses here:

"In 1992 a group of young Anarchists braved the snow covered wilderness to set up camp against the construction of a motorway by-pass. A terrible fate awaited them" (IMDB).

"Hoping for a fresh start after a nervous breakdown, novelist Susan (Charisma Carpenter) relocates with her new husband to a beautiful English mansion. But once there she begins seeing visions of a horrible massacre that happened 15 years earlier. Desperate to prove she isn’t losing her mind, Susan must uncover the secrets behind the massacre or risk becoming a victim herself" (Shock).

Release Date: 2010.

Director/writer: Reg Traviss.

Starring: Charisma Carpenter, Paul Sculfor, Ricci Harnett, Justin Hawkins, Katrena Rochell, Ty Glaser, Sean Chapman, and Sybille Gebhardt

*No trailer available.

Movie stills at the film's website (this film was once called Vivid):

Psychosis AKA Vivid Homepage


Psychosis at Shock Till You Drop

Psychosis Summary on IMDB

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