Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Black Eve Lives in Your Nightmares

Black Eve is a Canadian produced horror film that is now finished with shooting and just getting ready to create dark dreams. The film stars musical artist, producer, and rising actor Neil Green, who was interviewed here (Neil Green Interview). The film will be released on Halloween 2010 and the story is definitely out of someone's nightmare. Character Jewel (Eva James) awakens to find all of her friends dead and Green's character, the Man chasing her through isolated halls and abandoned rooms. Seeing your friends bloody corpses is as nightmarish as dreams come. Also, this is not the type of fantasy you want to fall asleep to, but Black Eve will excite those willing to face the darkness of unknown killers. The first teaser trailer is below and the dialogue is ominously delivered by Green himself as the Man. When is the last time a horror film had a voice-over from the villain?

The synopsis for Black Eve here:

"A closed down department store is the setting for a wild Halloween party for a group of friends. The following morning, a woman, dressed in a jewel thief costume, wakes up in one of the many hidden away rooms and discovers that all of the other party guests have been murdered. Having psychic abilities, she uses her gift to retrace the final steps of the murdered guest. As Chris travels from room to room she discovers more and more dead bodies and as she uses her gift to see what happened, she sees one of the party guests, a large man, viciously killing everyone else. As the body count mounts, Chris is slowly able to piece together the events of the Halloween party, leading to everyone's demise" (IMDB).

Release Date: October 31, 2010.

Director/writer: Ryan M. Andrews.

Cast: Veronika London, Kassandra Santos, Emily Schooley, Scott Vancea, and Thet Win.

The teaser for Black Eve (hang on till the end):

Lots more info' on this one at the film's Facebook fan site:

Black Eve Fan Site


Black Eve on IMDB

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