Friday, March 12, 2010

Nine Dead has Some Hidden Clips to Show

Nine Dead was released on DVD March 9th and now some extra footage, which was not included on the release, is available at the Nine Dead website. There are two behind the scenes clips that show some of the shots from the law enforcement side of things. As well, there is an eighteen minute clip showing all the hard work that went into making Nine Dead. If your are interested in the film a reviews is here (Nine Dead Review) and the three clips are below.

A plot summary for Nine Dead here:

"They confess their worst crimes, sins and innermost fears hoping to find the connection that will keep them alive. As each ten-minute period expires, the gunman re-enters the bunker and asks his one simple question. "Why are you here?" If they don't have every piece of his twisted puzzle a single gunshot kills one of the nine resetting the clock giving survivors another chance to uncover the gunman's truth. Criminals, everyday citizens, a cop, a lawyer and a priest have all been extracted from their lives and thrust into a world of betrayal, deceit and murder. Unsure who to trust and what to believe, the nine must rely on each other before the clock on the next victims life runs down to zero" (IMDB).

Release Date: March 9th.

Director: Chris Shadley.

Writer: Patrick Wehe Mahoney.

Cast: Melissa Joan Hart, John Terry, Chip Bent, and Lawrence Turner.

The deleted scenes:

Nine Dead Deleted Scenes

The behind the scenes clip:

Nine Dead Behind the Scenes Clip

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