Thursday, February 11, 2010

Locked in a Room With No Way Out

At Risk Entertainment and Collective Development Incorporated with team up to produce the thriller Locked in a Room. The film will show some flare for writing as the latest script involves "some great twists and turns" (Collective). Shortly, production will begin, however, for a first look an initial poster is available and the synopsis, for Locked in a Room, describes three teenagers restrained in "three separate rooms" (Simmons). Have a look at some of the announced crew and a synopsis is below.

The synopsis for Locked in a Room:

"This is a story about three teenagers, that are trapped in three separate rooms. They are monitored and watched by a masked man who takes notes on their every move, or emotion. These three are further tormented by an eerie voice of someone outside of each room. Though they cannot escape, they must their minds and wits to figure out why they are there and how to break free. As time elapses, desperation sets in and the chances for survival grow slimmer. The question remains, who is behind this? And what does this tormentor have in store for them" (Simmons)?

Director: Larry Simmons.

Producer: DJ Perry.


Larry Simmons. Interview. 10 February 2010.

Locked in a Room at Collective Development

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