Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Time is Right For 15 Till Midnight

Director Wolfgang Meyer is tuning's antenna in to the multi-genered feature 15 Till Midnight. Casting is close to completion, with Andrea Chen portraying character Sera and Devanny Pinn (Piranha 3-D) appearing. Rounding out the female cast is Olivia Baseman, who plays Cipher a soothsayer, similar to Tiresias, an often present character in Greek tragedy. A mild diversion, the Oracle from the Matrix is a good example of soothsayer, but no one compares to Tiresias, the man who changed into a woman for seven years, after killing a snake. This character and others like him appear in drama and art that often involves doom of some sort or another, for a central character. Back from that tangent, principal photography for 15 Till Midnight begins April 19 in Brooklyn, New York. A more complete cast list is provided below, with actor and director Brandon Slagle (Kinky Killers) showing left.

Tagline for 15 Till Midnight:

"All Time Has is Us..."

Director: Brandon Slagle, and Wolfgang Meyer.

Writers: Matthew Doyle, and Bradon Slagle.

Cast: Lauren Francesca, and Dee Martin.

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