Sunday, February 14, 2010

Carny and the Jersey Devil are Home to Roost

In order to stay in the theme of campiness, one must talk of Carny. The film stars Lou Diamond Phillips, Alan C. Petersen (Tortured), and Simone-Elise Girard (Afterwards). Described as "a wasted of time," by the horror movie review site Dread Central, the Carny plot line involves an escaped Jersey Devil (Dread). It seems this latest Syfy original has received reviews from different sides of the fence and Carny is for those who like the cheesiest of horror. The film shows on DVD March 23rd for those who missed the premiere on Syfy in 2009.

The synopsis for Carny here:

"When a traveling carnival comes to a rural Nebraska town, the caged attraction everyone is talking about is the alleged Jersey Devil. When the beast escapes, tearing the citizens to shreds, local sheriff Sam Atlas (Lou Diamond Philips) steps up to form a tracking team. But the carnivorous fugitive is only one of Sam's problems. The local pastor, enraged by the death of his son at the hands of the beast, has plans for igniting his own brand of hellfire and revenge" (Dread).

Release Date: March 23rd (DVD).

Director: Sheldon Wilson.

Writer: Douglas G. Davis.

Cast: Vlasta Vrana.

A low quality trailer for Carny here (the biggest show on earth):


Carny at Dread

Carny at Movies Unlimited

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