Friday, July 17, 2009

On the Set of Slime City Massacre

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"Slime City Massacre" has begun production in Buffalo, New York with a couple early production shots, from the set, available for fans. Starring Lee Perkins, Brooke Lewis, Debbie Rochon, Robert C. Sabin and many others "Slime City Massacre" is an indie film with a eye for science fiction. This film will involve projecting the after effects of a dirty bomb attack and be released in early 2010. Have a look at two early photos from the shoot until more information is available.

Director: Greg Lamberson.

Writer: Greg Lamberson.

A further shot from "Slime City Massacre" with Brooke Lewis playing Nicole Barker a young prostitute (click to enlarge).


Mad Doctor1 said...

This is Robert C. Sabin-- saw my picture with Brooke and Greg-- Coool. Can I post this link and others relating to Slime Citty Massacre on our Slime City Massacre webpage? You can check it out at

Michael Ross Allen said...

Hello Craig, yes definitely post as much of material as you like. But, please link back to my site.

Thanks and continued success,