Saturday, July 18, 2009

Box of Shadows First Look

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Already "Box of Shadows" has begun shooting and the script from Borrelli (Goodbye Casanova) and Scott Svatos takes another look at the ghost stories of the past. Borrelli states "It's a very different kind of ghost story" and once production is finished in Los Angeles fans will get an early glimpse of this film that hypothesizes a world with "...uncontrolled desire."

The first one sheet poster and synopsis are now available for fans

The synopsis for "Box of Shadows" here:

"A group of college friends, who discover a 15th century coffin that allows them to experience the world as ghosts. While their first adventures in the spirit world are playful and innocent, the "Box of Shadows" soon brings ou the group's most dangerous impulses and desires. The friends find themselves pulled into a world of evil where they learn the line between life and death is there for a reason."

Director: Mauro Borrelli.

Writers: Mauro Borrelli, and Scott Svatos.

Cast: J. Walter Holland, Jeffrey Damnit, Domiziano Arcangeli, Aaron Dean Eisenberg, Ford Austin, and Chandler Maness.

For more information on "Box of Shadows" check here:


Hans Uder said...

I checked out pictures on - that looks like a really cool movie. There is also a blog called Can't wait to see the trailer