Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Living Corpse: One Sheet and Synopsis

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A fully computer animated horror feature known as "The Living Corpse," is currently in production and features the artwork of Buz Hasson with several actors lending their unique voices. This latest action, horror flick will bring Buz Hasson's art to the big screen for the first time. Blending elements of "Hellboy," and action-packed "Grindhouse," together in one feature "The Living Corpse," will fill the screen with complex characters and converging sub-plots to keep this Creepshow-esque feature interesting for both adolescents and adults. Already casting details have been announced with Ben L McCain, and Lee Perkins lending their voices to the central characters. Moving towards a possible 2009 release date some of the details are beginning to come out on this comic style full length feature film. Have a look at the synopsis, initial artwork, cast and crew information on "The Living Corpse," here.

The synopsis for "The Living Corpse," here...

A guilt ridden corpse takes on a heavy burden when he agrees to help a fallen Angel keep the other undead in their graves and the powers of evil from corrupting our world (Shoreline).

Director: Justin Paul Ritter.

Writers: Ken Haeser, and Buz Hasson.

Cast: Ben L. McCain, Lee Perkins, Marshal Hilton, Conroe Brooks, and Michael Villar.

For more information on "The Living Corpse," have a look at creator Buz Hasson's webpage which includes additional artwork and comic drawings...

Buz Hasson Comic Strip Homepage


Production Company Shoreline Entertainment Homepage


Zacery Nova said...

This sounds really good! I'm looking forward to this coming it straight-to-DVD?

- Zac

Michael Ross Allen said...

I am 90% sure this one will go to DVD, but the production company is being very hush-hush on the project.

Ken Haeser said...

Hey guys, this is Ken Haeser, half the creative team of the Living Corpse comic!
From what we've been lucky enough to see of the production, the movie is going to be awesome!!
We are really looking forward to it's release!


Michael Ross Allen said...

Alright keep me up-to-date on the project. My e-mail is in my profile.