Friday, April 10, 2009

Dead Wood Shows Some Life: News, Movie Poster, and Trailer

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European horror films are pushing the envelope in filmmaking and "Dead Wood," looks no different; only this time characters will have to deal will their own fear and a sinister presence stalking their every move. "Dead Wood," is making a DVD premiere in the United Kingdom this week and this low budget independent film has already won one award for best effects. Shot in East Sussex most of the film takes place in outdoor environments with the central characters fighting off a dark supernatural force. Releasing some quality promotional material including a leaf-like movie poster and high quality teaser trailer "Dead Wood," can be found, by horror fans, through DVD distributors throughout the United Kingdom this April 13, 2009 (click on the movie poster to see the quality artistry).

A synopsis for "Dead Wood,"...

Four friends escape the grime of the city and head out into the woods for a peaceful, relaxing weekend. Events take a sinister turn when a mysterious girl appears in their camp looking for her boyfriend. Soon the nightmare begins as they find themselves lost in an endless wilderness stalked by a deadly force. As those left fight for survival they will discover the true nature of fear (Internet).

Release Date: April 13, 2009.

Rating: Restricted for some violent/disturbing images and language.

Director: David Bryant, and Sebastian Smith.

Writer(s): David Bryant, and Sebastian Smith.

Cast: Fergus March, Emily Juniper, John Samuel Worsey, Rebecca Craven, Nina Kwok, David Bryant, and Jay Worthy.

A trailer for "Dead Wood," here:


Dead Wood Homepage

Dead Wood at Palace of Horror

Dead Wood at IMDB


Zacery Nova said...

Ah, something from 'the home country'. That poster is sweet, I love the leaf motif, awesome! I've actually been to Sussex as well :D

Michael Ross Allen said...

You're from England, boooo! Go Ireland! Go Ireland! *raises hands*

Zacery Nova said...

Ah, I win.

My Mum is half English and half South American.

My DAD is fully Irish!

*Sticks tongue out, then wonders why he's retorting*


- Zacery

Michael Ross Allen said...

Lol, I am just kidding and this is not a competition. Everybody is a little Irish anyways.

Zacery Nova said...

Ha! I love that :D everybody's a little Irish. It's true as well.

- Zacery