Friday, April 10, 2009

Babysitter Wanted Original Score: A Musical Review

Composer and writer of the soundtrack to the phenomenally successful "Babysitter Wanted," Kurt Oldman, originally from Switzerland, has gone on to score for several other films including 2007s horror production "Chill." Currently finishing work on "Killer Nature," starring Ron Perlman Kurt Oldman has provided me, through talent manager Sandra L. Rostirolla, a copy of the soundtrack for review. Initially, staying in haunting tones the musical composition changes in composition, often, with the use of woodwind and percussion instruments unsettling this listener on multiple levels.

Swiss Composer Kurt Oldman is the musical core behind the film "Babysitter Wanted." The orchestrating for the film is impeccable. The ability of Oldman to replicate the feel and tone of this horrifying feature into an aural experience is done with the excellent use of violins and trombones. Over thirty-one tracks are included with the disc and the play time of seventy-four minutes goes by very quickly.

Tracks one through seventeen vacillate between calmer notes to shrill peaks all the while building towards a climax coming in the middle of the score. Shifting from eerie, to lighter notes the soundtrack for "Babysitter Wanted," changes pitch and tone to create for an interesting listening experience throughout. Matching the film in tone the soundtrack often feels uncomfortable as the addition of instruments come on unexpectedly and leave with shrieking notes at any given time.

The remainder of the soundtrack, for the film, moves into bassier lower tones while adding instruments not previously heard. Not using any electronic instruments, that this amateur musical reviewer can tell, the use of triangles, and violas combine to create a very unsettling listening experience. Ending in a crescendo the soundtrack delivers a final flurry of interlacing melodies and tones, sometimes adding subtle haunting voices, to finish the musical score with a series of booming, pounding and harmonious beats. One never knows which direction the soundtrack will go at any given time.

Suitable for a seance, haunted house, ouijia board sitting or for sheer enjoyment the "Babysitter Wanted," soundtrack will not relax a listener only deliver what a horror soundtrack should and that is one very haunting piece of musical scoring. Now available on the soundtrack must be picked up by those wanting a dramatic, chilling aural telling to disturb their friends.

7.5 Shrieking Violins out of 10.

For more information on Kurt Oldman visit here.

Or contact Sandra L. Rostirolla, Kurt Oldman's manager, for additional musical sources from Kurt Oldman here.


babysitter jobs said...

babysitter wanted was in my opinion, a great movie, that reveals some relevant issues about babysitting and the fear of parents when hiring one.

Michael Allen said...

Really? What kind of issues?

sitter said...

I didn't see this movie, but until one, all the others based on babysitting theme have amused me, so I might search for it.

careprovider said...

I've seen it and it's not that great at all.