Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dark Mirror Steals the Soul: Release Date and Trailer

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A release date and trailer are now available for horror film "Dark Mirror." The film, that has has been picked up by IFC Films, is announcing a May 6, 2009 release date through video-on-demand. As well, director Pablo Proenza has recently released the full theatrical trailer for "Dark Mirror," which can be found past the break. Staying in a supernatural realm the feature offers a twist on the haunted house story by killing off those who stare into the mirrors for too long. Not a redux of "Mirrors," but a stand alone, independent, horror film that could use a wider audience "Dark Mirror," can be ordered through the IFC homepage found below.

A short synopsis...

A photographer moves her family into a strange old house, where she discovers an alternate reality reflected in the glass... A dark reality that is closing in on her (Internet).

Release Date: May 6, 2009.

Rating: Unknown.

Director: Pablo Proenza.

Writer(s): Pablo Proenza, Matthew Reynolds.

Cast: Lisa Vidal, David Chisum, Joshua Pelegrin, Lupe Ontiveros, Christine Lakin, David Farkas, John Newton, Jim Storm, and Tucker Smallwood.

The bizarre trailer, with some optical illusions, inside:

Dark Mirror movie trailer from Pablo Proenza on Vimeo.

The IFC Film homepage and ordering guide can be found here.


Dark Mirror at Vimeo

Dark Mirror at IMDB