Monday, March 30, 2009

The Strangers 2 Now Hiring: Crew and News

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Some hazy news is in circulation on the horror film "The Strangers 2" with a French, amateur director likely taking the leadership role on this sequel. Apparently, French director Laurent Briet (Little Minx Exquisite Corpse..., Warp Vision...) is in talks with Rogue Pictures for directing duties on this film and with two previous films to his credit Briet will likely add a European flourish for violence to "The Strangers 2." Already the script has been written for the film by Bryan Bertino; so, production is likely to begin once directing negotiations have come to an agreement, with a 2010 release date as the goal.

Have a look at a couple nostalgic movie stills from initial film, "The Strangers," to quell some of the anticipation for this, likely straight-to-DVD production.

For additional photos for "The Strangers," check here.


The Strangers 2 at Bloody-Disgusting

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Zacery Nova said...

Now THIS I am looking forward to.

I hope they put a different spin on it, that would be interesting as opposed to more of the same.

- Zacery

PS: I responded to your comment, sorry it took a while.

Michael Allen said...

I really liked the first film. And I am hoping with a French director some originality comes out of the sequel. Hopefully, shooting starts soon for this one, obviously I cannot wait.

And I will check out your site tonight. Some school work to deal with and I am sure you know what that is like.