Sunday, December 21, 2008

Don't Talk to The Strangers

Three strangers terrorize a young couple in the lonely backwoods of Hicktown, USA. Hidden behind masks these three creatures of he night would rather torment their prey rather than killing them outright, but maybe this game of cat-and-mouse will not turn out as the killers hope.

Rating: Restricted for violence/terror and language.

Release Date: May 30, 2008.

Starring: Scott Speedman, Liv Tyler, Gemma Ward, Kip Weeks, and Glenn Howerton.

Director: Bryan Bertino.

Writer: Bryan Bertino.

Throughout "The Strangers," there is almost no music or soundtrack; instead, the film relies on the use of eerie sound effects to create a visceral experience. The only music comes in the form of a country twangish song playing on an old turntable while booming drums beats, and the frenetic strumming of a wood instrument add an incoherent, terrifying feeling to the film. Changing in pitch, volume, and rhythm the sound effects dispel any feelings of comfort while heightening feelings of fear during the film.

The entire film takes place in the dark and the darkness adds to the mystery of film while making sets appear larger. The only environment that provides any stable source of light is the farmhouse, which acts as a haven for the couple initially, and as a place of torture near the ending. Although, the dark lighting makes the actor's expressions difficult to discern the lack of light sources make the stranger's masks and costumes appear more frightening.

The dialogue in "The Strangers," is fluid in the beginning, but as the picture progresses the chatter decreases while the volume and intensity of the sound effects goes up. The writers of this film know how to use the characters, sets, music, and sound effects to slowly build a rhythm that increases in pace until the final climactic, grisly final scene. The strangers or antagonists of the film use very little to no dialogue, within the film until the ending where a few snippets of conversation enhance the mystery of the film, yet do not reveal the purpose of the previous night's torture. "The Strangers," is truly a horrifying cinematic experience.

"The Strangers," is everything a horror film can be. "The Strangers," is a fun watch with enough scares and suspense to entertain many horror fans. With a moderate budget this film keeps things simple and mysterious while offering a shocking ending. Definitely see this one anywhere it can be found.

A somewhat comedic trailer for an otherwise horrifying feature:

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