Thursday, February 19, 2009

Silent Night, Zombie Night: Exclusive Interview with Sean Cain

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Arsoncuff Entertainment and Velvet Hammer Films brings us a new zombie, Christmas-themed, horror film known as "Silent Night, Zombie Night," possibly in 2009. Sean Cain has taken time out from his post-production schedule for an exclusive interview that can be found here...

Can you tell us a little about the plot of "Silent Night, Zombie Night," and how the story unfolds?

"The plot revolves around three survivors - L.A.P.D. Officer Frank Talbot his wife and partner of 15 years. They are all on the verge of fracturing and are forced back together because of the zombie epidemic. So, they not only have to figure out how to survive, but deal with the fact that both men are in love with the same woman."

Did you manage to get all of your shots in the twelve day shoot schedule or were there re-shoots?

"We had a couple of set backs. An actor got ran over while riding his scooter to set and had to have surgery and the crew started to get sick so we used our last day to wrap up everything we missed the previous 11 days. There had been a pick up day already built into the schedule so I knew the other sequence we missed could be picked up then."

Are there any similar themes between "Naked Beneath the Water," your previous film and your latest "Silent Night, Zombie Night?" Or are they two stand alone pictures?

"'Naked,' dealt with the effects of a violent reality TV show on a deranged mind. And how far someone might go to become famous.

'Silent Night, Zombie Night,' is a straight up action horror that uses zombies as a way to trap our heroes into coming to terms with their personal bullshit."

Wes Laurie, the producer from the film also tells me that Sean Cain is both the director and producer for the upcoming film "Breath of Hate," which is the next project for Velvet Hammer Films and ArsonCuff Entertainment.

Thank-you very much Sean, for the interview and best of luck on your next project "Breath of Hate," and special thanks to Wes Laurie for facilitating the interview. Here is the current film information from "Silent Night, Zombie Night," and an additional movie still from the production.

Director: Sean Cain.

Writer: Sean Cain.

Cast: Jack Forcinito, Andy Hopper, Nadine Stenovitch, Lew Temple, Vernon Wells, and Felissa Rose.

That is a lot of blood!


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