Friday, June 04, 2021

The Nest Hosts a Bug Filled Nightmare this July 20th!

Tagline: "Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite."

The Nest is an indie thriller from director James Suttles (The Good Things Devils Do) In the film, a young girl is traumatized by the temporary loss of her mother, to substance abuse. When she returns, Meg (Maple Suttles) is  distant and instead bonds with her stuffed bear. But, this toy might have something sinister within. The Nest was written by Jennifer Trudrung and also stars: Dee Wallace (All Hallow's Eve), Sarah Navratil and Kevin Patrick Murphy. The film's official U.S. launch poster and trailer are here.

The trailer shows Meg's stuffed bear infested with a spider. The infestation intensifies as the film progresses. And, this family's struggles will worsen as they relocate to a new household.

4 Digital Media will handle the United States' release of The Nest, this July. On July 20th, The Nest will show on Digital platforms, including: Vudu, Tubitv, the Playstation netwrok, Google Play and several others. The Nest will also debut in the United Kingdom on July 20th. The latest trailer for this bug filled fear fest is below.

Release Date: July 20, 2021 (USA, UK, Digital).

Director: James Suttles.

Writer: Jennifer Trudrung.

Cast: Dee Wallace, Sarah Navrati, lMaple Suttles and Kevin Patrick Murphy.

The U.S. trailer for The Nest:

The film's homepage: The Nest Homepage

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