Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Criminals Search for a Safehouse in the Upcoming Thriller Hideout

Tagline: "No One Can Hide Forever."

Kris Roselli (Common Grounds) has written the script for horror thriller Hideout. In the film, four robbers hideout on an old farm. However, the family living there is more dangerous than the criminals. As well, this indie feature, from Gibby Pictures, stars: Katie Lyons ("Eldorado"), Chris Wolfe (Airborne), Bryan Enright and Audrey Kovar. To likely show in 2021, the latest movie poster for Hideout is available here.

The latest graphic displays a demented doll. Partially looking like a scarecrow, this figurine leaks blood as its strange eyes look off into the distance. The tagline: "no one can hide forever" eludes to the robbers, searching for a safehouse and what awaits them there.

Hideout is being repped by VMI Worldwide, for a North American release. To show soon, a trailer for Hideout is sure to come this way soon as this feature promises to blend mystery with horror. More details below.

Release Date: 2021 or TBA.

Director/writer: Kris Roselli.

Cast: Audrey Kovár, Bryan Enright, Katie Lyons.

*a trailer is coming soon

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