Friday, March 05, 2021

Drive All Night Takes a Surreal Ride Through the Cinequest Film Festival this March

Drive All Night is a surreal thriller from director Peter Hsieh. Set to show at Cinequest later this month, the film's official trailer shows a taxi cab driver and his mysterious encounter with a young waitress. Together, they take a drive through the city, leading to strange adventures. Hsieh also wrote the script. And, the film stars: Lexy Hammonds (The Mystery of Casa Matusita), Yutaka Takeuchi ("The Defenders"), Johnny Gilligan. Now, a new poster and official trailer are available here.

The new poster, much like the trailer, utilizes strange lighting. Highlighting the dreamscape nature of the film, the odd lighting also creates a visual delight. All of the central characters are shown in the graphic, with the city skyline shown in the background. This movie poster reveals only a slice of the film's potential story.

The trailer also only reveals just a taste of the plotline. Characters are shown talking in a diner, or in Dave's (Takeuchi) taxi cab. But, where are these characters going?

Drive All Night will release at the end of March. The Cinequest Film Festival begins March 20th and lasts until the 30th. So, there will likely be more than one opportunity to see the film online. Cinequest looks to draw film fans of all types - to their Digial platform, in just a couple of weeks!

Release Date: March 20th -30th, 2021 (World Premiere, Cinequest, Digital).

Director/writer: Peter Hsieh.

Cast: Lexy Hammonds, Yutaka Takeuchi, Johnny Gilligan.

The official trailer for Drive All Night (via OC Trailers):

Tickets for ‘Drive All Night’ at Cinequest’s virtual screening room are on sale now at: The Cinequest Homepage

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