Monday, November 30, 2020

Brutal Revenge Thriller Torched to Re-release this December 15th

Torched is the second feature from director Ryan Nicholson (Gutterballs). Completed in 2006 and originally released in 2007, Unearthed Films will show this title on home entertainment formats this December. From scriptwriters Patrick Coble (Hanger) and Vince D'Amato, Torched is a micro-budget rape-revenge thriller, which focuses on Deanna. Deanna has been attacked by several men. Now, she is turning her trauma into passion as she seeks out her attackers. Torched stars: Michelle Boback (The Flame), Tamara Pender and Daniel Lomas. And, a preview of the film's latest release is here.

The Blu-ray will include several features, as well as the DVD. Blu-ray extras include: a commentary by Nicholson, a behind-the-scenes clip, an interview with Nicholson and more. The Blu-ray will host five hours of special features and be available in both 16:9 and 4:3 formats. On the DVD, the extras will include similar special features and be available in the aforementioned formats. This new release will host lots of content for fans of Nicholson or indie horror films.

Torched will be re-released this December 15th on both DVD and Blu-ray. With Nicholson having passed away recently, these collector's items will be must-haves for fans of this make-up artist, writer and director. The latest on this Torched release is here.

Release Date: December 15th, 2020 (Blu-ray, DVD).

Director: Ryan Nicholson.

Writers: Patrick Coble, Vince D'Amato.

Cast: Michelle Boback, Tamara Pender, Daniel Lomas.

*a trailer so brutal that it cannot be posted here.

**the film has a runtime of 44 minutes.

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