Friday, October 09, 2020

A Character Tries to Turn His Life Around in Crime Thriller Honest Thief!

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Tagline: "Never Steal a Man's Second Chance."

Honest Thief is releasing today, in Canada. This thriller will show international, in dozens of countries, throughout October. Honest Thief is one of the first films to show internationally, in theatres, for awhile. Centrally starring Liam Neeson (Cold Pursuit), Honest Thief looks at an ex-Marine and his attempt to live a better life. A former bank robber, Tom's plans for a peaceful way of living are interrupted by two rogue FBI agents . A multi-production creation, Honest Thief is debuting in Landmark and Cineplex Cinemas this evening.

The trailer shows Tom and his desire to turn in his stealings. However, two agents are determined to gain the wealth for themselves, leading to conflict. Now, Tom will have to use his previous skills as a demolitions expert to keep himself free.

Honest Thief is debuting in over thirty countries this month. Canada will be one of the first nation's to show the film, on the big screen. The U.S. will debut the film on October 16th. Rated PG-13, this tale of a double-cross can be seen in just a few hours.

Release Date: October 9th, 2020 (Canada, Theatrical) and October 16th, 2020 (US, Theatrical).

Director: Mark Williams

Cast: Liam Neeson, Kate Walsh, Jai Courtney, Jeffrey Donovan, Anthony Ramos, Robert Patrick.

The official Canadian trailer (via VVS Films):

Theatrical Screening Times are Available at the VVS website: The Honest Thief at VVS Films

Cold Pursuit is a similar thriller, starring Liam Neeson (#advert):


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