Saturday, August 15, 2020

Two Detectives are Tracking Down the Devil in this Exclusive Clip for Red Letters

Tagline: "He Shall Fear No Evil."

Red Letters is an upcoming horror film from writer and director Jim Klock. To debut on August 21st, this feature follows two homicide detectives as they investigate a strange case. Testing both of their beliefs, this scenario brings the Devil forefront and onto the screen. Klock's fifth feature stars: Mike Capozzi ("Dark Web"), Robin Baker (6:66 Pm: Evil Has an Hour to Kill) and Kyra Kennedy. Now, an exclusive clip is debuting here ahead of the August release.

The clip shows detectives Jim Knowles (Klock) and Mike Gaston (Capozzi), heading to a small town. Already, Gaston believes they will meet the Devil as they drive along. But, how will both men handle what is in store for them in rural New Jersey?

Red Letters will debut on the Kings of Horror Youtube Channel, this August 21st. This premiere will include livestreaming from the cast and crew. A link to set a reminder for the premiere is hosted below.

Jim Klock Plays Investigator Jim Knowles.

Release Date: August 21st, 2020 (Kings of Horror YT Channel).

Director: Jim Klock.

Writers: Jim Klock, Brendan Mullins.

Cast: Jim Klock, Mike Capozzi, Chad Ridgely.

An exclusive clip for Red Letters (via Terror Films):

A reminder for the premiere can be set here: A Youtube Reminder for the Premiere of Red Letters

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