Friday, August 21, 2020

Producer Mem Ferda Joins Vampire Series "Age of the Living Dead" Ahead of November Launch

Tagline: "Fight to the Last Breath."

"Age of the Living Dead" is moving into its second season this November and will consist of six episodes. The series, which focuses on vampires in a quarantined America, was developed by Simon Phillips (Once Upon a Time at Christmas) and Simon P. Andras.

The series has included stars such as Bill Oberst Jr. (3 from Hell), Eva Mauro and Nicola Posener. Mem Ferda (Pusher, 2012) has co-produced this series, along with Paul Tanter and several others. A series poster was revealed this past February, with more details available now for the November release.

To show on Amazon Prime, "Age of the Living Dead" will host at least two more seasons. Season Three will show in 2021, with six more episodes. Amazon will debut the series in the United States and United Kingdom, with Fox Action taking Seas. Two to Asia. Ferda describes the next season as a "whirlwind of vampire action" and this compelling series will continue this November 15th.

Premiere Date: November 15th, 2020 (Seas. 2, Amazon Prime).

Creators: Simon Phillips, Simon P. AndrĂ¡s.

Producers: Mem Ferda, Simon Phillips, Paul Tanter et. al.

Cast: Nicola Posener, Norman Black, Deji LaRay, Simon Phillips, Eva Mauro, Bill Oberst Jr.

The Seas. 2 trailer is here (via Britflicks):

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