Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Killing the Cure Stars Justin Gordon, Mem Ferda and Peter Barrett in a Thrilling Series About the Cure for Cancer

"Killing the Cure" is a sci-fi series, from creators Simon Phillips (Gehenna: Where Death Lives) and Paul Tanter. The series deals with a cure for cancer. However, not everyone in the world is willing to try it. Now, a team of hitmen are trying to silence everyone associated with the cure. Season 1 consists of six episodes. Actor Mem Ferda (The Devil's Double) stars in four episodes, along with: Justin Gordon (Before I Wake), Peter Barrett (Airborne) and Miranda O'Hare. An update on the series is available here.

The first six episodes deal with several scientists being targeted by the hitmen. Character Adriana (O'Hare) tries to protect both a scientist and the cure, while character Ethan (Phillips) hopes to use the cure for his own agenda. Meanwhile, time is running out for those with the disease.

A release date for this series will be announced shortly. With Season 1 still being filmed and post-production still ahead, this series may be released in 2020 or early in 2021. For now, several stills are available here ahead of the release.

Release Date: 2020-21.

Creators: Simon Phillips, Paul Tanter.

Cast: Justin Gordon, Peter Barrett, Simon Phillips,  Miranda O'Hare and Mem Ferda.

A promo for the series: 

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