Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Monster Mayhem in Scott Jeffrey's Don't Speak (out March 10th)!

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Tagline: "It Wasn't Supposed to Escape."

Don't Speak is a United Kingdom short horror feature. Formerly titled Silent Space, the film is eerily similar to another, A Quiet Place (2018). With a lower budget, Don't Speak takes place in the UK countryside, where several characters find a ghost town. Something has escaped a nearby facility; and now, everyone's life is in danger. This Proportion Productions feature stars: Stephanie Lodge (Witches of the Water), Ryan Davies (Black Mountains), and Jake Watkins. Developed by director Scott Jeffrey (The Final Scream), this title will show in the United States this March.

The official synopsis reveals very little. However, the trailer tells a wider story. A family heads to their grandparent's house, only to find her missing. Not long after, this family finds someone in dire straits. Then, a creature is revealed and this monster is on the hunt for more meat. Using only sound, these characters will have to stay silent, if they want to survive the night.

Uncork'd Entertainment will release this indie thriller. On March 10th, Don't Speak will show on DVD and Digital platforms. One to look out for, indie horror film fans can find the official trailer for Don't Speak below, ahead of the mid-March release date.

Release Date: March 10th, 2020 (DVD, Digital).

Director/writer: Scott Jeffrey.

Cast: Stephanie Lodge, Ryan Davies, Jake Watkins.

An official trailer for Don't Speak (via OC Trailers):

Source: Don't Speak at Horror Patch

Influenced by - A Quiet Place (2018)?

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