Friday, February 14, 2020

Graham Denman's Production Gets the Greenlight in this Official Trailer

Greenlight is an indie horror film from the Horror Collective. Centrally focused on Jack (Chase Williamson), this filmmaker will do whatever it takes to make a film. But, some of the cast and crew on Jack's next production might have taken their roles a little too far. This feature has won an Audience Award for "Best Suspense Film" at the Another Hole in the Head Film Festival. Now, Greenlight is getting set to leave the film festivals behind in favour of the Digital marketplace. From director Graham Denman, Greenlight also stars: Shane Coffey (Starry Eyes), Caroline Williams (Tales of Halloween), Nicole Alexandra Shipley and Evanne Friedmann. The film's release date is scheduled for the end of the month.

Greenlight is the filmmaking term in which a film is given the go-ahead - for production. Usually a script is greenlit by studios or production companies, with the studio head giving the final thumbs up. Jack gets the greenlight. But judging by the trailer, he might be wishing he had not.

This title, from Talk Story Pictures, will show this February 25th. To show on most Digital platforms, Greenlight promises a bloody good time, spent with some of the strangest characters in film, to date!

Release Date: February 25th, 2020 (Digital).

Director: Graham Denman.

Writers: Graham Denman, Patrick Robert Young.

Cast: Danielle Bisutti, Chris Browning, Caroline Williams.

The official trailer for Greenlight (via the Horror Collective):

Greenlight at The Horror Collective: Greenlight Details at the Horror Collective

Actor Shane Coffey was in another film, about stardom and the impediments in achieving it (Starry Eyes):

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