Thursday, January 30, 2020

Horror Anthology Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales to Attend Horror Rant

Argentinian director Nicolas Onetti (What the Waters Left Behind) has brought several directors together, for Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales. This is film anthology, consisting of several short films. Some of the filmmakers participating in the anthology include: Alejandro Damiani (Don´t Breathe), Damien LeVeck (The Cleansing Hour), Kheireddine El-Helou (Drudge), Mat Johns, Albert Pinto, Caye Casas and Andrew Desmond. Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales also has a large cast, with actors listed below. Now, a trailer is available for the film, ahead of a 2020 release.

The film's World Premiere will take place at the Horror Rant Film Festival. Taking place in Greece, this festival brings genre films, from around the world, to this prestigious festival. A specific premiere date is coming soon.

The film's wraparound segment involves a stand-up comedy show. Here, Brandon tells some of his stories, which shock the audience. All of the tales have a common component, involving Brandon's past. The unifying thread is revealed in the finale.

A wider release has not been announced for this Black Mandala production. Though, this anthology will surely see more film festivals before the year is out. Fans of short films or of indie features can find the latest on Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales below.

Release Date: 2020 (Film Festival, Greece).

Directors: Nicolás Onetti (Creative Director), Carlos Goitia, Alejandro Damiani, Damien LeVeck, Kheireddine El-Helou, Mat Johns, Albert Pinto & Caye Casas, Walgenwitz & Winshluss, Andrew Desmond, Adam O´Brien and Hendryk Witscherkowsky.

Cast: Raymond Lee, Clara Kovacic, Bruno Giacobbe, Cristian Majolo, Ariadna Asturzzi, Claudio Medina, Germán Baudino, Itiziar Castro, Sam Jaeger.

The official trailer for Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales (via Black Mandala):

The Horror Rant Film Festival Homepage: The Horror Rant Film Festival Details

Source: Asylum at Horror Society

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