Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Casey Affleck's Post-apocalyptic Drama Light of My Life will Show on Home Entertainment Formats this October

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Tagline: "Her World is a Deadly Place."

The post-apocalyptic drama Light of My Life will see more home entertainment formats this October. The film is already available on Digital platforms. From Casey Affleck (I'm Still Here), the film takes place after a plague, which has killed most females on the planet. Now, a father is doing his best to help his daughter survive, in this very different world. Starring Tom Bower (Out of the Furnace), Anna Pniowsky and Elizabeth Moss, this is Afflecks's second feature as director. To be released by Paramount Home Entertainment, more details on the release of Light of My Life are here.

The official synopsis focuses on the parent and child relationship. This father and daughter are living on the fringes of society, after a pandemic has reduced the world's population in half. With almost no women on the planet, one man is tested by humanity as the world devolves into chaos.

Affleck has spoken about his film recently. He mentioned that the first cut was close to three hours long. At Collider, he also mentions the slower pace of the film: "...the movie is plenty long. It really takes its time." This title is more family drama than thriller. Affleck also mentions the editing process and how difficult it was to pare down the film: "there were a few other scenes that really were hard to lose, but that’s how it goes." The final release of the film is two hours long, so several shots were removed to create a much shorter film.

Paramount Home Entertainment will handle the film's release. To show on DVD and Blu-ray, this title will be available on these formats on October 8th. Special features will be announced soon. Also, for those who missed the original release of the trailer, the clip is below.

Release Date: October 8th, 2019 (Blu-ray &DVD).

Director/writer: Casey Affleck.

Cast: Anna Pniowsky, Casey Affleck, Elizabeth Moss and Tom Bower.

The official trailer for Light of My Life (courtesy of Saban Films):

*the film has been described as part survivalist drama and part coming-of-age story.

Sources: Light of My Life at Alien Bee

An Interview with Affleck at Collider

Light of My Life is available now, at Amazon, on Digital:

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