Thursday, February 21, 2019

Indie Comedy Bruce!!! to Split Sides in Twenty-Five U.S. Cities this March 15th

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Bruce!!! is an upcoming, indie comedy. Director Eden Marryshow (Last Night) wrote and directed this feature. When his main actor dropped out, Marryshow also stepped-up to centrally star in the film. In 2017, Bruce!!! had its World Premeire at that year's American Black Film Festival. Since then, the film has been picked up for a theatrical run, through AMC theatres, via Global Digital Releasing. As well, Bruce!!! stars: Jason Tottenham ("Quantico"), Jade Eshete ("Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency"), Mle Chester and many others. The film's official poster and Red Band trailer are available here.

In the film, Bruce is a self-centered playboy. He struggles to hold a job and to make his rent. When his parents cut him off financially, Bruce is forced to face reality and get his life together. But, Bruce does not choose the straight and narrow. Instead, he hopes to hustle a potential roommate into paying much of his overhead, leading to even more problems.

At the World Premeire, Marryshow talked about what led up to the film and its eventual development. He said of his main character: "and what Bruce has to learn is that things aren’t perfect. He’s waiting for the perfect girl and the perfect job. But no, dude, you have to keep doing, you have to keep going." Nothing in life is perfect of course. Marryshow, in an interview at Shadow and Act, also mentions the film's underlining message: "I would talk all this stuff to my kids about following their dreams, and finally it hit me that I wasn’t following my own." There is no point in not reaching out for a goal as life only gives people one shot. And, Bruce!!!'s big shot is coming up this March.

Bruce !!! will show in twenty-five U.S. theatres, in mid-March. On March 15th, Bruce!!! will show in: Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas and at least twenty others. A full theatrical listing is available at the film's official website (below). Finally, this is one comedy that is sure to entertain fans of indie films or those looking for a film with a universal story.

Release Date: March 15th, 2019 (Theatrical).

Director: Eden Marryshow.

Writers: Eden Marryshow, Jesse Wakeman.

Cast: Cesa Pledger, Gene Pope, Christopher Gabriel Núñez, Jamie Dunn, Brenda Thomas, Ysmael Reyes and Jean Goto.

The official Red Band trailer for Bruce!!! (mature audiences only: language, sexuality):

*won the Grand Jury Prize for “Best Director” at the American Black Film Festival (2017)

The film's official homepage with Theatrical Details: The Bruce!!! Official Website

An Interview with Marryshow at Shadow and Act: Marryshow Talks Bruce!!! at Shadow and Act

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