Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Horror Comedy The Drone Spies Between the Curtains in this First Trailer

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Tagline: "Your Remote Has No Control."

A trailer has been released for the killer tech' film The Drone. In the film, a serial killer has transferred his consciousness to a device, in hopes of living and killing forever. When this murderous drone attacks a newlywed couple, hilarity ensues. The Drone will have its premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival. This event takes place in Park City, Utah, later this month. Also, The Drone was directed by Jordan Rubin, who also shot the horror comedy Zombeavers (2014). The Drone cast includes: Alex Essoe (Starry Eyes), John Brotherton (Furious 7), Anita Briem, Neil Sandilands and others. The Drone will show in late January, at this prestigious film festival.

The Drone has been completed by Timur Bekmambetov's (Night Watch) Bazelevs Production. This is a Russian based production house. And, The Drone, completed in late 2017, continues to search for wider distribution.

The official trailer shows the drone in action. Part voyeur and part oversexed pervert, the drone appears in the strangest of places. Often spying on Rachel (Essoe) and Chris (Brotherton), this flying spy camera turns to murder - when it does not get its way.

The Drone will begin its first appearance in the Slamdance Ballroom theatre. The first showing is scheduled for January 28th. This film festival premiere will surely be followed by others as The Drone drops in at the most unexpected of places. The official trailer awaits below.

Release Date: January 28th, 2019 (Film Festival).

Director: Jordan Rubin.

Writers: Al Kaplan, Jon Kaplan.

Cast: Anita Briem, John Brotherton, Simon Rex, Alex Essoe and Neil Sandilands.

The official trailer for The Drone:

Ticket information for The Drone at Slamdance: The Drone at Slamdance

Source: The Drone at Screen Anarchy

Rubin's previous effort also blended horror and comedy:

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