Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Take a Chance with The Final Wish on Digital Platforms this January 24th

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The Final Wish is a Gothic tale from director Timothy Woodward Jr. (Gnome Alone). Written by Jeffrey Reddick and William Halfon, the film recently had its World Premiere at LA's Screamfest Film Festival, in October. This title was also just picked up by Cinedigm Entertainment Group for a release on Digital platforms, in the United States. The Final Wish involves a struggling lawyer who returns to his home. Determined to face his demons, Aaron (Michael Welch) discovers an ancient urn and learns of its dark promises. A trailer is now available for this indie horror title.

The Final Wish has been reviewed by a few critics. Heather Wixson, of the Daily Dead, says of the story: "I liked The Final Wish as it does a good job of mixing up expectations while treading some very familiar territory story-wise." The film blends the ordinary with the extraordinary. Wixson also mentions some problems in the editing: "there just seems to be a lot of jumping around between characters and I think the core story would be better serviced if the narrative were just a little more streamlined." So, The Final Wish will appeal to some but not all as is usually the case.

This title will show on Digital platforms this January. On January 24th, The Final Wish will be available on many platforms. As well, this film will show on January 8th, in Brooklyn. This East Coast premiere will be free and hosted partially by Dread Central. More details on select screenings are below.

Release Date: January 24, 2019 (VOD).

Director: Timothy Woodward Jr.

Writers: Jeffrey Reddick, William Halfon.

Cast: Lin Shaye, Michael Welch, Melissa Bolona.

The official trailer for The Final Wish (courtesy of the UHM):

The Final Wish reviewed at the Daily Dead: The Final Wish Review by Heather Wixson

Details on the Brooklyn screening: The Final Wish Screening at Dread Central

Source: The Final Wish at the UHM

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