Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pet Sematary Unearths Classic Stephen King for the Big Screen: First Trailer

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Tagline: "Sometimes Dead is Better."

A new horror film is coming by way of Stephen King's Pet Sematary. This latest production is from Paramount Pictures. And, this film brings a fresh look to some old material. Horror fans will already know that the first film, from director Mary Lambert, debuted in 1989. This film was followed-up by a sequel in 1992, titled Pet Sematary II. Most recently, a documentary was released on the original film - Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary. All of the previous material deals with a burial site, haunted by a Native American spirit; it brings the dead back to life. Now, King's book will be reimagined for the big screen as seen in this first trailer.

The first trailer shows several children, mostly masked, in and around rural Maine. They have created a burial site, for their small cats and dogs. When a new family moves in nearby, they are surprised to see these small pets returning from the dead. Husband and doctor Louis Creed (Jason Clarke) is tasked with a difficult choice, when his own child is tragically killed in a brutal car accident.

Pet Sematary is a di Bonaventura Pictures production, as well. This title will be released, in theatres, next year (April 5th, 2018). But, horror fans can take an early look at this latest production, which revitalizes some classic material. All of the latest details on Pet Sematary are hosted here.

Release Date: April 5th, 2019 (Theatrical).

Directors: Kevin K├Âlsch and Dennis Widmyer.

Writers: Stephen King, Jeff Buhler.

Cast: Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz and John Lithgow.

The first trailer for Pet Sematary:

The Unearthed & Untold documentary was released last year, through Synapse Films:

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