Monday, April 30, 2018

Two Assassins Must Keep Moving Forward and Through Hell in this Supernatural Thriller (Out May 1st!)

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Tagline: "If you want to Survive, Keep Moving."

Forward is a Spanish horror film. From director Henry Bedwell (Solitude, 2015), this demonic feature is set to release on Digital platforms, this May 1st. This will be a wide release on many platforms. Within Forward, two assassins seek revenge, in the name of their employer. Tricked into hell, the assassins must face the demon Larissa before they can find escape. Forward is a Spanish language film, starring: Paulette Hernandez (Tales of Mexico, 2016) Axel Rico, Harold Torres and Lisette Morelos. The first poster and trailer, for Forward, are out now!

Also written by Bedwell, the first trailer for Forward shows the assassins in a strange, supernatural world. Tomas (Harold Torres) and Marco (Axel Rico) must face their fears, first. Then, they meet the greatest corruptor of all, Larissa (Morelos). However, to deal with a demon requires trickery of their own, with the two assassins sure to meet their maker.

Terror Films is handling the Digital release of Forward. The film releases May 1st, on the following platforms: Vudu, Amazon Instant, iTunes, Google Play and Xbox Live. Forward is expected to show in several Spanish speaking countries including: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, & Honduras (iTunes & Google Play). This release is worldwide, with all of the available details on Forward found below.

Release Date: May 1st, 2018 (U.S., South America, Mexico, Digital).

Director/writer: Henry Bedwell.

Cast: Harold Torres, Lisette Morelos, Paulette Hernandez.

The official Forward trailer:

The Forward homepage: A Forward Official Website

More details on Forward will show at Terror Films, here: The Terror Films' Homepage

Terror Films also recently released Adrian Tofei's Be My Cat: A Film for Anne on Amazon Instant:

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