Thursday, December 07, 2017

Victor Crowley Dusts Off His Axe in this Movie Poster (Out February 6th, 2018)

Tagline: "Return to His Swamp."

Victor Crowley just wont die! This is the fourth film in the Hatchet franchise. The film debuted at a secret preview, this past Summer. Since then, Victor Crowley has gone on a travelling road show with director Adam Green. The road trip might be over, but the show goes on. Now, Victor Crowley is set for a home entertainment release. In early February, this fourth film in the franchise will be available on various formats. As well, this latest sequel stars: Laura Ortiz (The Hills Have Eyes), Dave Sheridan (Scary Movie), and Brian Quinn ("Impractical Jokers"). The home entertainment release will be hosted by Dark Sky Films. A preview, for the film's upcoming release is available here, including the film's official poster.

The official graphic shows Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley. A plane burns in the background. The tagline promises a "return to his swamp" and an encounter with an axe. The title also displays an axe. And, the bloodshed begins again on February 6th, 2018.

On February 6th, Victor Crowley will be available on at least three formats. This title will show on: DVD, Blu-ray and Video-on-demand. Special features will be announced closer to the release date. For now, horror fans can revisit the official trailer for Victor Crowley. The clip makes Crowley's presence known, to both its victims and viewers!

Release Date: February 6th, 2018 (DVD, Blu-ray, VOD).

Director/writer: Adam Green.

Cast: Parry Shen, Kane Hodder and Laura Ortiz.

The official trailer for Victor Crowley:

The Victor Crowley homepage: A Victor Crowley Official Website

At Dark Sky Films: Victor Crowley at Dark Sky Films

The third film, on Blu-ray (Unrated):

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