Thursday, November 09, 2017

The Toybox Will Play with Horror Fans in 2018: Concept Poster and Stills

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Tagline: "Vacations Can be Deadly."

The Toybox is an upcoming horror film from director Tom Nagel (Clowntown, 2016). Denise Richards and Mischa Barton will star. In the film, a family is travelling crosscountry, when they break down in the desert. Out in the desert, they find terrible secrets and something that is hunting them. Recently, the film was at the American Film Market, in Santa Monica. The Toybox will be completed this year. And, an early concept poster is hosted here, along with a few behind-the-scenes stills.

The roles for the two main actresses have been announced. In the film, Richards will play a mother "stranded with her family in the desert." Meanwhile, Barton will play a "traveler who joins the group and gets caught up in the an otherwodly evil (UHM)." Matt Mercer (Contracted, 2013), Katie Keene and the director also star.

A release date has not been announced for the film. However, it is likely that The Toybox will release in 2018. The film is being repped by CineTel Films. More details, including a trailer, will be available soon.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Tom Nagel.

Writers: Jeff Denton and Jeff Denton.

Cast: Denise Richards, Mischa Barton and Katie Keene.

*a trailer is coming soon.


The Toybox at the UHM

The Toybox at the Film Catalogue

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