Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Louisiana's Most Blood-thirsty Killer Returns in Victor Crowley: First Teaser Trailer

A 10 Year Hatchet Anniversary was planned in Hollywood, this week. But, this screening was replaced by Adam Green's latest, Victor Crowley. This fourth film in the Hatchet series, shocked horror fans. Though, there was some evidence, at various film sites, that the film was in production. Still, it is a nice surprise that their will be a fourth film in this disturbing franchise. Fans of the series can find the teaser, for Victor Crowley, here!

A few story details have been released for Victor Crowley. This time, sole survivor Andrew Yong (Parry Shen) is still professing the debaucherous deeds of Victor Crowley. But, no one will listen. As the blood flies and the body count rises, it becomes apparent that Louisiana's most notorious killers is roaming the local bogs - again!

Dark Sky Films will handle this title's release. Victor Crowley will show, in the United States, this October. A more specific release date will be announced shortly. For now, film fans can enjoy the spectacle of Victor Crowley right here.

Release date: October 2017 (US, Limited Theatrical).

Directed by: Adam Green.

Cast: Kane Hodder, Dave Sheridan and Brian Quinn.

The teaser trailer is here:

Source: Dark Sky Films. Press Release. 23 August 2017.

The previous film, on DVD (Hatchet III):

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