Thursday, July 27, 2017

The All Seeing Eye Knows Everything in Travis Milloy's Infinity Chamber: Official Artwork

Tagline: "Justice is Automated. Your Fate is Secure."

Travis Milloy's (Pandorum, 2009) Somnio has been renamed to Infinity Chamber. This title has been scheduled, by distributor XLRator Media, for a September release. The film is character focused. And, Infinity Chamber involves themes of surveillance and government intrusion. A review for this title was posted here: An Infinity Chamber Review on 28DLA (as Somnio). Now, the film's official release artwork is hosted here.

The graphic shows central character Frank, played by Christopher Soren Kelly. He is thought to be a rebel and imprisoned in an underground facility. His only interaction is with the camera, shown in the film poster and another off-screen character. Reality is altered as Frank's memory is probed for sedition. The setting is austere, much like the movie poster. Finally, this poster captures the imprisoning nature of Infinity Chamber.

Infinity Chamber is a blend of horror and sci-fi. Also, this title will release mid-September. Horror is limited to the scenario. Frank's every moment and every thought are monitored. His needs are met by an ever devolving technological eye. There is no negotiating with a robot. As well, Infinity Chamber will show, in theatres, this September 15th. The film will have a one week run. On September 26th, Infinity Chamber will be available through Video-on-demand. A trailer is coming next week!

Release Date: September 15th (Limited Theatrical) and September 26th (VOD, US).

Director/writer: Travis Milloy.

Producers: Michael Dwyer, Thomas Eberts, David Emrich, Marianne Milloy, Travis Milloy and Laurie Sheldon.

Cast: Christopher Soren Kelly, Cassandra Clark and Chuck Klein.

*a trailer is coming next week.

**the theatrical run will show at ArenaCinema, on Sunset.

Sources: Infinity Chamber at Screen Anarchy

Laurie Sheldon. Producer. 27 July 2017.

Also from Milloy (Pandorum, Blu-ray):

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