Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Joe Lynch Brings Mayhem to Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival this Summer

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The Fantasia International Film Festival has announced its film slate, today. This Montreal set festival will show horror titles like the goretastic Dead Shack, the survival horror thriller Killing Ground and Joe Lynch's (Chillerama, 2011) Mayhem. Mayhem will have its Canadian Premiere at this festival, which begins July 13th and runs into August. Lynch's Mayhem has been described as "[the film] is a wickedly fun survivalist horror action hybrid (Daily Dead)" And, the film will host one of actor Steven Yeun's first appearances, in film, since leaving the long-running zombie series "The Walking Dead."

Yeun returns to the infection as Derek. Meanwhile, a viral outbreak is removing inhibitions, from those infected. Derek utilizes the opportunity to take revenge on corporate executives, who have wronged them. In a climate where many are no longer criminally responsible, chaos and mayhem rule the day.

This film fan intends to attend Fantasia, this year. The festival has a large selection of horror films, which range from Yoshihiro Nishimura's Kodoku Meatball Machine to the ultra-gory Night of the Virgin and Graham Skipper's sci-fi film Sequence Break. There will be lots to see this year, in one of Canada's most beautiful cities, Montreal. Hope to see you there!

Release Date: TBA (Between July 13 to August 2nd).

Director: Joe Lynch.

Writer: Matias Caruso.

Cast: Steven Yeun, Samara Weaving, Steven Brand.

*a trailer for Mayhem is coming soon.

The Fantasia Film Festival website: The Official Fantasia Homepage

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