Thursday, June 08, 2017

Grief Turns into Anger within Dax Phelan's Jasmine: Release Details

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Indican Pictures will release the Hong Kong thriller Jasmine, throughout the Summer. Along with appearances in several film festivals, Jasmine will show in Los Angeles, at the Laemmle Theatres. In July, the film will be available on DVD and Video-on-demand. Jasmine is a tale of revenge as one man seeks vengeance on whomever killed his wife. Events spiral out of control, with Leonard (Jason Tobin) forced to confront the truth. Jasmine also stars: Byron Mann (The Big Short), Eugenia Yuan (Memoirs of a Geisha), Sarah Lian and Glen Chin. More release details, for Jasmine, are hosted here.

The trailer shows Leonard confronting a mysterious man. Both characters appear at his wife's murder site. But, who is this other man? Leonard pursues him, in order to discover his identity and the truth surrounding his wife's murder.

Jasmine is an international award winner. Appearing at dozens and dozens of film festivals, this psychological thriller has won over seventy awards. Jasmine will also appear at the Madrid International Film Festival and the Auckland International Film Festival, over the next several weeks. The official trailer, for Dax Phelan's Jasmine, is hosted below.

Release Date: June 16, 2017 (Limited Theatrical, U.S.) and July 2017 (VOD, DVD).

Director: Dax Phelan. Writers: Dax Phelan Jason Tobin.

Cast: Jason Tobin, Byron Mann, Sarah Lian, Eugenia Yuan and Glen Chin.

The official trailer for Jasmine is here:

Jasmine at Indican Pictures: Jasmine Releases Details at Indican

The film's fan page: Jasmine on Facebook

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