Thursday, June 29, 2017

Christmas in June! A Horror Pack Review

*full disclosure: a one-month Blu-ray package was mailed for this review.

Horror Pack is a DVD and Blu-ray subscription service. Based out of Athens, Georgia, this subscription service mails out a quad' group of selected movies, every month. This horror fan received a package this week. And, this article will mention some of the latest goodies, coming from Horror Pack. Most of the arrivals were great, but a couple were less than stellar. Overall, this is a fun service that horror fans should check out.

Horror Pack chooses four DVDs or Blu-rays to mail each month. Some of the upcoming titles include: the Soska Sisters' American Mary (2012), Frank Henenlotter's Basket Case (1982), Rise of the Zombies (2012), The Unborn (2009) and many more. In this reviewer's package, there was: Killer Pinata (2015), Deathgasm (2015), Children of Corn: Genesis (2011) and Gavin Michael Booth's Scarehouse (2014). This horror fan was excited to see this later title as it was signed by actress Sarah Booth and the director. This film fan was one of the first to review this title and is featured on one of the film's alternative posters. It was only this week that this critic realized that the film had been released on Blu-ray, with new artwork. As well, the mailing out of Georgia only took four days and must have been expedited. This is basic breakdown of the Horror Pack service.

The selection of mailings changes month to month. Subscriptions must be signed up before the 15th of the month, to receive that month's mailing. All of the items come in shrink-wrapped cases. They are all new items, never pre-used. Obviously, all of the selections are from the horror genre. Subscribers can expect the occasional signed copy as seen in the picture below. The mailings come in a simple, bubble wrapped package. And, Horror Pack is like Christmas in the Summer!

This horror film fan recommends the service. Though, there was a title or two that were below average, in this package. This critic has seen Jason Lei Howden's Deathgasm a couple of years back. It is a fun romantic, horror comedy. This reviewer would recommend the film. Also, Scarehouse is one of the best Canadian horror titles to come out in 2014. A review of Scarehouse is available here: (A Scarehouse Review on 28DLA). However, this media fan liked Children of the Corn: Genesis much less; a review of this title is available here: (A Children of the Corn: Genesis Review on 28DLA). From Dimension Extreme, this franchise has gone downhill and should have been a one-off release, not a long series of sequels. Also, this sometimes pretentious reviewer will not be watching Killer Pinata, anytime soon. The trailer, alone, was barely watchable. But, you have to take the good with the bad. And, a signed copy of Scarehouse is worth $40-50 (Cdn.), in the signed memorabilia world. This item alone makes the $25 (US) subscription fee well worth it.

Horror Packs are available each month. Horror fans, interested in the service, can find an upcoming listing of films below. The films are picked by the Horror Pack community and subscribers. These are not random picks. Offering a surprise package each month, Horror Pack should be given a shot. And, while all the titles are not of the highest quality, the packages are worth much more than the reasonable subscription fee. Horror film fans can sign up below, especially if you are looking to grow your horror film library.

A preview of upcoming releases, at Horror Pack: The Horror Pack FAQ

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