Monday, May 15, 2017

Rendel Debuts a Darker Superhero in this First Trailer

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A few details are coming from Cannes on Rendel. Rendel is Finland's premiere superhero movie. And, the first trailer shows a dark and tormented protagonist. Hidden behind a mask, he seeks vengeance, on those responsible for the untested vaccine Nh25. It has left him and others permanently scarred. Soon, the film will have its World Premiere, at this prestigious event.

For more on the story, Rendel focuses on an evil corporation. It is flooding the market with its rogue vaccine. Rendel pushes back. But, the company, VALA, is determined to spread their vaccine further, despite its brutal side effects.

Outside of Cannes, the film will be starting a film festival run, this Summer. Fans of darker heroes, or darker material will want to check this foreign film out as sales agent Raven Banner Entertainment brings the film to several, select theatres. All of the available details on Rendel are below.

Release Date: Summer 2017 (Festival Circuit).

Director: Jesse Haaja.

Writers: Jesse Haaja, Pekka Lehtosaari, Miika J. Norvanto and Timo Puustinen.

Cast: Kristofer Gummerus, Rami Rusinen and Renne Korppila.

The film's first trailer:

A fan page for the film: Rendel on Facebook

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