Friday, May 26, 2017

Little Devils: The Birth Emerges from Black Ooze and onto DVD for the First Time

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Tagline: "This is one Birth Announcement the World Could do Without.”

Shivers Entertainment is launching their second release, Little Devils: The Birth. This indie horror production was originally released in 1993, near the same time as Gremlins (1994) and Ghoulies (1994). Now, the film has been transferred to a digital format. Meanwhile, a Limited Edition VHS version has been made available. In the film, a mad scientist returns from Hell, with the compulsion to create little red Devils. They lay waste to a small apartment building and the local community. Little Devils: The Birth stars: Mark Price (Trick or Treat, 1986), Nancy Valen and screen legend Stella Stevens. A look at the film's re-release is hosted here.

This viewer has recently seen the film. It involves a money-lacking protagonist, who is harassed by an ageing landlord. Upstairs, one of Ed's friends, Lionel (Wayne McNamara), is hiding out as he works with a strange, black ooze. Not much later, impish demons emerge in the apartment. And, Ed must garner the help of the very beautiful Lynn to turn back the demonic tides.

Little Devils: The Birth will be available in two formats. The VHS Limited Edition is already available at the Shivers Entertainment website; there are only 25 for purchase. As well, pre-orders can be made for the DVD, now. DVDs will be shipped on June 6th. Fans of indie horror will want to get a hold of one of these limited copies, while they last.

Release Date: May 25th (DVD, Pre-orders) and June 6th, 2017 (DVD).

Director: George Pavlou.

Writer: Elliott Stein.

Cast: Russ Tamblyn, Marc Price, Nancy Valen and Stella Stevens.

The official trailer for the re-release:

Pre-orders for the DVD: Little Devils: The Birth on DVD

Little Devils: The Birth on VHS: Little Devils: The Birth Limited Edition VHS

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