Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Horror Film Fans Get to See Santa at His Worst in this "12 Deadly Days" Trailer

"12 Deadly Days" is an upcoming webseries. Set to debut on Youtube Red this December, the series interconnects twelve different tales of terror. The webseries stars several Youtube personalities, including: Anna Akana, Jon Fletcher, J Claude Deering and many more. Each tale is set during the year's most stressful time of the year, Christmas! Episode one is titled "A Haunting at the End of the Street." And, a trailer for the series is hosted here.

Story details have not completely been released. However, each episode takes place in Saturn, California. The trailer shows characters bloodied in the snow. Vampires show up. And, one demonic girl emerges from a fridge, with a very pasty hue. Each story blends comedy with horror, according to the Blumhouse Productions' website.

The series will debut on Youtube Red, exclusively. Youtube Red is available to America viewers, while Canadians will be left out in the cold. The first episode will be released on December 12th, with more shows to launch shortly after that. The trailer for 12 Deadly Days is below.

Launch Date: December 12th, 2016 (Youtube Red).

Directors: Joe Menendez, Chris Cullari, John Hyams, Jennifer Raite, Patrick Casey and Joe Lynch.

Writers: Chris Cullari, Jennifer Raite, Edward Voccola, Patrick Casey.

Cast: Anna Akana, Jon Fletcher, J. Claude Deering and Robert Belushi.

A trailer for "12 Deadly Days:"

Source: 12 Deadly Days at Blumhouse

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