Tuesday, December 20, 2016

From Script to Screen: Mysterious Feature Darkest Night Begins Casting

Tagline: “The Blood will Come Full Circle!”

A few details are emerging for the upcoming horror feature Darkest Night. Based on Michael Sean Erickson's book of the same name, the film will be produced by Bill Oberst Jr. (Stressed to Kill), Robert LaSardo (Anarchy Parlor) and Shaun Gerardo. Oberst Jr. and LaSardo will also star in this film, along with young actress Mykayla Sohn (The Chosen). The film and the book focus on the Mudd family. Hounded by a creature, in the nearby forest, they are also isolated by the local townsfolk. This picture will begin production, shortly, within Los Angeles. More story details are available here.

From the official synopsis, the Mudd family must protest their land. But, a beast and religious zealots are closing in. This remote family has secrets to hide. And, when two girls go missing, the family must reveal their true nature.

The film has been written as mysterious thriller. Focused on characters, Darkest Night is sure to intrigue viewers as it moves closer to its October 2017 release date. All of the details on this title are available here.

Release Date: October 2017.

Writer: Michael Sean Erickson.

Producers: Bill Oberst Jr., Robert LaSardo, Shaun Gerardo and Michael Sean Erickson.

Cast: Bill OBerst Jr., Robert LaSardo, Noel Gugliemi and Mykayla Sohn.

*the book was released in 2016, via Hot Chili Press.

The book is available here:

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